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5-7 Knot Thermal on 9/9/12....

Thermals for as far as you can see...

Even after 3:00pm on 9/9/12 it was great....

Roger on tow

FR takes flight....


Unique conditions produce a rainbow below the Grob's wing....

Schweizer 2-33 on final

Matt on final in his beautiful 2-22....

Schweizer 2-33 awaiting another flight

The 2-22 waiting its turn....

North Carolina Wave

Matt shares a beautiful picture to then end of day wave flying`....

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North Carolina Soaring Foundation

About the Foundation

Our goal is to help young students from 14 to 28 to learn to fly gliders. We do this by partially subsidizing prospective junior members’ flight costs and fully funding NCSA monthly dues. This is to encourage the student to be part of the process rather than just a beneficiary of it as they have some financial input as well. In the case of a student who is unable to pay for his or her share of the training (one third of the flight costs) the foundation can pay for the entire amount. You can help us achieve our goals in several ways.

First, you can join the foundation for a cost of $25.00 per year. You will receive a receipt for your donation which you can use to reduce your income tax. As a member, you will receive occasional updates on the status of our students as they progress in their learning. For example, two of our students who started the program Jan 15th of 2012, went solo (flew the glider by themselves) by the middle of June. Secondly, you could make a donation to the foundation. This can be in the form of cash or vehicles. In fact, the foundation was begun to accept the donation of a glider by a senior member of North Carolina Soaring Association. The amount that we received for the sale of this glider supports our current students. Again, you will receive a receipt that you can give to your accountant or tax preparer to reduce your tax burden.

All donations go to supporting our students. They are taught to fly by instructors from our sister organization, North Carolina Soaring Association, a non-profit as well. All instructors are FAA certified and our gliders are all operated and inspected under FAA rules and regulations. Your donation will go toward supporting a student who is learning to fly. We have no paid officers and no administrative overhead. We believe what we are doing will help young people choose a career in aviation or the hobby of gliding which helps them make good decisions with their lives. They are exposed to peers as well as more experienced mentors that they can look up to while they are learning to fly. We currently have three NC State engineering students being subsidized by our program but as we expand the program, with your help, we want to include high school students. Help us reach out to more students and help them learn a skill that will start them on the way to an aviation career or give them a hobby that will challenge them the rest of their lives. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

How it works

Subsidized flight training is provided by the Foundation's Junior Membership Program. Potential full time students ages 14 to 28 may apply for a Junior Membership position by downloading and filling out the application (.docx) or (.pdf).

Applications are mailed to:

North Carolina Soaring Foundation

P.O. Box 780

Angier, NC 27501

A limited number of Junior Membership positions are available each year. If a student is not selected they are encourged to apply the following year.

Selected students are required to pay for the NCSA student initiation fee and for one introductory flight. The Foundation flight subsidy covers up to $400 dollars per Quarter flight fees. The student is responsible for paying up to $200 per quarter until the $600 threshold is reached. Up to $600, this is the pained in ratio of 1.3 by the student and 2/3 by the foundation. Once the threshold of $600 of flight fees per quarter is exceeded (student and foundation fees combined), the student is responsible for the full amount of excess flight fees.


Visit the donation page to make a donation to the North Carolina Soaring Foundation today.

Foundation Contact Information

The North Carolina Soaring Foundation can be contacted at:


North Carolina Soaring Foundation

P.O. Box 780

Angier, NC 27501

via Email at:

Foundation officers at:

Ron Whipple - President

P.O. Box 813

220 North Dunn St.

Angier, NC 27501

John Whatley - Treasurer

1019 Washington St.

Cary NC, 27511

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