North Carolina Soaring Association

Soaring the Norh Carolina Skies...

Club members enjoying their planes...


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5-7 Knot Thermal on 9/9/12....

Thermals for as far as you can see...

Even after 3:00pm on 9/9/12 it was great....

Roger on tow

FR takes flight....


Unique conditions produce a rainbow below the Grob's wing....

Schweizer 2-33 on final

Matt on final in his beautiful 2-22....

Schweizer 2-33 awaiting another flight

The 2-22 waiting its turn....

North Carolina Wave

Matt shares a beautiful picture to then end of day wave flying`....

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NCSA Summary of Fees


Full Member

Initation fee: $200.00

Monthly dues: $55.00 (paid quarterly)

Discounts available to initiation fee:

          $50:00 Family member of full member (lives in same household)

          $50:00 Full time student (less then 23 years old)

          $100:00 Family member and full time student

Discounts available to monthly dues:

          $27.50 Family member of full member

Guest Member

One time fee:  $20.00 Expires with the guest's current SSA Membership

SSA Membership

(required for all NCSA members)

$64.00 per year regular member.

$36.00 per year for SSA youth and family memberships

$0.00 introductory SSA membership available by calling SSA office


Tow Fees

$22.00 plus $1.00 per each 100 feet ove 1000 feet AGL.

Examples:       1000 feet:   $22.00

                      2000 feet:  $32.00

                      3000 feet:  $42.00 


Glider Rental Fees

Grob 103:   $40.00 per hour (=$4.00 per tenth)

L33 Solo:    $40.00 per hour (=$4.000 per tenth)

SGS 2-33     $30.00 per hour (=$3.00 per tenth)

                 for first two hours, if no other pilots waiting to fly the glider. 


Introductory Flights:

(approx. 30 minute duration, depending on conditions)

Grob 103    $95.00

Grob 103    $70.00 (with NCSU Student ID)


Cessna 172 Rental:

$105.00 per hour tach time wet.

Retrieval Fee:

$15.00 plus tach time at Cessna 172 Rental Rate.


Not to exceed $10.00. To be used by treasurer as appropriate.

Examples:  $2 for flight fees requiring billing


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